180 Studios

An enterprise initiative of Hope Empowered, 180 Studios is a creative production company committed to positive social change.

180 Studios uses film, music and culture to craft and communicate a better world.

They work to:

  • produce creative content
  • provide production services
  • lead cultural development projects
  • celebrate and develop Indigenous people, culture, and creative product

The content, projects and services of 180 Studios take various forms:

  • Film, Video and TV (short film, animation, documentaries, factual entertainment, and digital storytelling);
  • Music releases;
  • Performance and Live Events; and,
  • Cultural development workshops (including film, music, dance, spoken word, fashion, hip hop, animation, photography and visual arts)

They are a multi-disciplinary team that includes producers, film-makers, animators, composers, sound engineers, choreographers, artists, facilitators, and social & creative entrepreneurs.