CAP Debt Centre

The Need

Australians households are under increasing financial pressure and many lack the qualified support and understanding to allow them navigate significant debt.

Over the past 20 years the total amount of debt owed by Australian households (adjusted for inflation) rose almost six-fold . Additionally, there was a sharp increase in the debt to asset ratio, with debt growing twice as fast as the total value of assets held by households.

With households under increasing financial pressure, personal bankruptcies have also increased three-fold over the past 20 years.

The Solution

Hope Empowered operates a CAP Centre in Enoggera (Brisbane, Australia) which offers a professional and free debt management service to people in the community.

Eligible and approved clients work with our debt coaches to identify a sustainable and customised debt management solution and also receive ongoing support with the purpose of reducing and ultimately removing unsecured debt.

CAP Money

We also conduct regular and free CAP Money course. CAP Money is a money management course that teaches budgeting skills and a simple and proven cash-based system that will help anyone to get more control of their finances.

Conducted over three sessions, CAP Money instructs participants in:

  • how to build and live on a budget
  • the CAP Money system
  • how to live from week to week using cash

Both the CAP Centre and CAP are delivered in partnership, as part of a national network, through Christians Against Poverty (CAP). CAP is the only not-for-profit charitable provider of free debt management in Australia, working to address the problem of poverty and social exclusion caused by over-indebtedness.