The objectives of Hope Empowered are to:


Provide for the relief of poverty among vulnerable, marginalised, exploited and/or disadvantaged people

Develop and provide programs, services and activities that address and alleviate the effects of poverty

Utilise creativity, mentoring and entrepreneurship as tools to engage and empower people and communities experiencing disadvantage

Communicate and share the stories and aspirations of stakeholders and communities in order to inform and inspire change

Establish and develop partnerships and relationships that facilitate the above


This is our mission



Enable people to connect with and strengthen one another


Empower people experiencing poverty and disadvantage


Equip people for fullness of life

Our hope and vision comes from our understanding and experience of the following


We live in an exciting and wondrous world.
A world of the micro and the macro.
A world of global information and connectivity.
A world of rapid technological advancement, shared prosperity and longevity of life.
A world in which revolutions can be orchestrated, and democracy birthed, through a mobile phone.

We also live in a world of seeming contradiction and divergent realities.
Our exciting and wondrous world is also lost and broken.

Isolation and depression is real.
Poverty and injustice is real.
Bigotry and hate is real.
Slavery and exploitation is real.
Hardship is real.
Apathy is real.

Beauty is real.
Compassion is real.
Joy is real.
Grace is real.
Love is real.

Hope is real.

Our hope is that no-one should face hardship or tough times alone, or lack the support to get through it.
Our hope is technology, creativity and entrepreneurship enabling solutions to both micro and macro problems.
Our hope is people being mentored to realise their potential and purpose.
Our hope is seeing lives and relationships restored.
Our hope is sharing stories of struggle, redemption, transformation and triumph.
Our hope is that we would move beyond tolerance, of situations and each other, and learn to love our neighbours, our enemies and our selves… at least enough to desire and strive for change.
Our hope is freedom, love and life in all its fullness.
Our hope is that people of all ages, all races, all statuses are empowered to participate in shaping their own future.

People empowered to inform and inspire change in their world.

People and communities living and experiencing tangible, palpable, practical hope.