Queensland Museum exhibits community collections

Hope Empowered was recently engaged by the Queensland Museum to curate a community-focussed project to highlight and document less tangible collectable items such as dance moves, for the Collect-O-Mania exhibition.

The final product, a music video, highlights a ‘collection’ of dance moves and suggests, as part of the exhibition, that less tangible items such as dance moves and memory are also collectable.

The project is part of a broader focus by Hope Empowered to address cultural division particularly amongst young people in both Polynesian and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities.

Clancestry showcases diversity of Indigenous culture

On the evening of Sunday 3rd March, 155 Aboriginal and Torres Islander performers representing 9 clan groups showcased their culture to an audience of 750 people.

Produced by Hope Empowered, and staged at the Piazza (SouthBank Parklands) in partnership with QPAC, Clancestry was unlike any Indigenous gathering seen in Brisbane in close to 100 years.

The theatrical tension and energy of the 90-minute show along with the diversity of body paint, artifacts, costume and decoration left the audience in rapturous applause and wanting more.

The community feedback was overwhelmingly positive with comments such as, “I have never seen anything like it before, and I sincerely hope that I will see it again in my lifetime.”

A noted community Elder commented on the community cohesion the event had encouraged stating, “Clancestry didn’t just honour our stories, it honoured us…our community, our spirit and our people. This event must continue.”

Good Start encourages healthy lifestyles

Hope Empowered, through the Hope Ideas initiative, has been engaged by Queensland Health to facilitate creative learning activities for primary school students that encourage positive eating.

Developed in response to the health needs identified by diverse communities in Queensland, the program utilises cultural and contemporary dance to help children and families to build their skills, knowledge and confidence about healthy eating, physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Help us share some Hope this Christmas

Hope Empowered want to partner with you to provide high quality food hampers to people in our local community who are often forgotten at Christmas time.

How to Contribute to Hope at Christmas

Step 1

Hope Empowered will supply all empty baskets/ hampers. You can collect an empty hamper from either campus church offices or at our Sunday services. To ensure consistency of size and presentation, please DO NOT supply your own basket/hamper.

Step 2

Purchase your hamper contents (see WHAT TO BUY)

Step 3

Please return your hamper and contents by the due date, to the Home Empowered office (see below for instructions).

When returning the full hamper, please securely attach a slip with your name to the outside of the basket. Please do not wrap the hamper.

What to buy

Please offer your best when purchasing your hamper contents. All items should be of high quality and variety is also important.

Sample Hamper

Below is an example of the type and range of contents you may wish to supply for a hamper:
Ground Coffee, English Breakfast Tea, Chai, Schweppes Soda Water, Elderflower Cordial, Sparkling Apple Juice, Roasted Cashews, French Vanilla Almonds, Water Crackers, Baguettes, Pretzels, Pitted Olives, Semi-dried Tomatoes, Caramelised Onion Relish, Cornchips and Mild Salsa, Pringles Chips, Shortbread, Classic European Toscani, Carmel Macadamia Fudge, Triple Choc Temptation Cookies, Macadamia Brittle, Berry Bliss Lollies, Candy Canes, Mince Pies, Christmas Fruit Cake, Panettone, Entertainers Serviettes.

Please do not include items that are perishable, a generic brand, easily crushed, or that will melt in our Queensland summer (such as chocolates).


If you’d prefer to sponsor hampers or contribute financially towards one, please contact the Hope Empowered Head Office on (07) 3354 4500.

Delivery Instructions

Brisbane: Please supply your hamper items no later than friday 7th december to the Hope Empowered Office located at 180 South Pine Road, Enoggera or phone 07 3354 4500 to make alternative arrangements.

Young Entrepreneurs seek support

The Academy for Young Entrepreneurs (AYE) has launched a campaign on Start Some Good seeking support to grow and enhance the program.

For as little as $10, investors can collectively ensure that this leading program is able to reach more children both in Australia and in developing nations.

If the campaign reaches tipping point, Hope Empowered will:
1. Run AYE again in the pilot school
2. Deliver AYE in partnership with another community organisation, school and region
3. identify and build relationships with national business partners as funders and volunteer mentors
4. package the program for national expansion and licensing

You can read more about it, and invest in this life-changing program, here.

Simon – a story of Hope

Simon shares his story of how his involvement with Hope Empowered and the Employ Me program, has made a significant impact on his life.

EmployME was a full time work placement project for parents, carers and mature aged jobseekers who were unemployed and looking to re-enter the workforce.  

Participants also received accredited training in the form of a complete Certificate I in Work Preparation Community Services and Certificate I in Active Volunteering.

Sharing Hope at Christmas with Families in Need

Hope at Christmas is all about helping families in need. The simple act of giving gift baskets at Christmas has seen hundreds of families in Brisbane and Toowoomba impacted in a positive way.

This year we plan to make it even greater than the last.

Creating your own Hamper is very simple!

Place all of your items in a hamper (basket or some other attractive, sturdy container) that can be used to present the food items well. Caution, these hampers can get quite heavy!

Attach a slip with your name or company name firmly to the outside of the hamper. Deliver your Christmas hamper by the due date, to either Brisbane or Toowoomba, as per the instructions below. The following weekend your beautifully wrapped gift will be delivered directly to a family in need.

Don’t know what to buy?

Here are some suggested items:
Christmas Cake or Plum Pudding, Fruit Mince Pies, Tinned Foods, Juice, Bottles of Drink,
Stuffing Mix, Coffee/Tea, Pasta or Rice, Nuts, Biscuits or Crackers, Lollies (wrapped only please), Pretzels or Chips.

Please do not include chocolate or perishables as they don’t agree with our Qld summer. Please also avoid items that may get
crushed easily.


If you’d prefer to sponsor hampers or contribute financially towards one please contact the office on 07 3354 4500. Cheques can be made payable to: Hope Empowered Foundation.


For Brisbane: Please drop off your hamper by Friday 9th December to the Hope Empowered offices located at 180 South Pine Road, Enoggera or call 07 33544500.

For Toowoomba: Please drop off your hampers to the office of Hope City Church at Northlands Shopping Centre (Cnr Hume and North St Toowoomba) by Sunday 4th December.
Contact 07 4638 7005 prior to drop-off to ensure someone is there to collect it.